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I have been a student of Winsome D.O.G. Training for over 6 years now.  Over that time and under Julie's expert instruction, I have trained 3 of my wonderful dogs and am currently training my puppy to compete in agility.  Julie is a patient, knowledgeable instructor who not only takes time to share her expertise in canine nutrition and behavior concerns, but also gives each student that individual attention, even in a group setting, that helps make your partnership with your dog successful.  I won't train with anyone else! - Stephanie Sibal Boise, ID



We are very fortunate to have someone of Julie’s caliber offering training in the Treasure Valley.  She has a depth of knowledge in canine health, behavior and positive training methods.  She can help you train your dog in obedience, conformation and sporting activities in a way that will strengthen your relationship with your companion and lead to many successes both in and out of the ring. - Janet H


My name is Jasper. I am a one year old Border Collie Mix which means I can be a bit of a busy brain. We love training with Julie at Winsome because we combine the agility exercise (which I was born to do) with basic obedience (not my favorite).   She is real good at training my Dad to be more patient and my Mom to be a good leader.  Greg & Linda


I took conformation show training with Julie when my puppy, Heiko, was three months old to get ready for his first conformation show at five months.  With Julie’s experience, patience, gentleness, Julie trained me and my pup to prepare for three shows this fall that Heiko placed.  I really appreciated Julie extending herself to handle Heiko in a show for me because I had a cast on my hand.  With Julie’s expertise and connection she had developed with Heiko, Julie showed Heiko with amazing results showing him the best he could ever look.  We are now looking forward to our agility class with Julie. - Nancy & Heiko


Riley and I have been working with Julie since he was a little guy and ten years later we are still going strong in Master Preferred level agility competitions. Julie has a way with people and especially pups that creates strong bonds leads them to success. 


Julie has a way of reaching the soul of a dog and bringing them out of themselves. We found an Aussie that was painfully shy, withdrawn and really needed someone to draw him out. I tried with a little success, but when we brought him to see Julie she made an instant connection with him and made it possible for him to open up and find his forever home. - Michael Duffy, Boise

We had so much fun in your class!
- Dee Millar


We met Julie when we signed our daughter up for 4H over three years ago.  Honestly we just wanted to find something for her to be involved in and a dog project seemed perfect.  However, due to Julie’s big heart, her enthusiasm and love for both dogs and her students, our experience has become much more than a “dog project”.  Julie takes time to get to know each student and their dog and with complete knowledge and expertise, helps them establish a companionship that is indescribable. Our daughter not only has a new relationship with our dog, she has an amazing role model and supporter that encourages her to do more!  In fact, our little “non-joiner” has pushed us into signing her and Nikko up for agility lessons.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work and learn from Julie and are blessed that she continues to encourage and help train our very energetic lab and us!!! - Debbie Ryan